my van

The van is a 2018 Ford Transit 350 HR/EL (high roof extended length).

Basic specs/options

  • 3.5L Ecoboost
  • 3.31 LSD

Why this one

I covered some of my thought process in this post, the options I chose were because:

  • 3.5L Ecoboost – this seemed to offer a good mix of mileage and performance. It’s proven reliable in the F-150 offering, and offers much better get up and go than anything else in the market. While I’m not looking to race anyone in it, being floored struggling to hold the speed limit on hills is not my idea of safe or fun.
  • 3.31 LSD – this was not my first choice, I would rather have the 3.73 final drive for better tow capacity and overall less stress on the transmission. Limited slip differential is a must though, for anyone who plans to travel off flat ground, or somewhere near snow..

More content to follow.