Why this site needs to exist

Why create a site based on hating others’ hard work?

YouTube has spawned an era of content creation and consumption that has been unparalleled in society to date. Nearly anybody with a smartphone can now hit record, and publish content for anyone to view, easier than starting a website or blog even. Those wanting to tell their van build stories skew toward video content because they are often complex operations that are easier described in a video than with a series of photos and accompanying words. The deluge of content can be both bad and good, with no way for the viewer to differentiate.

YouTube only moderates socially offensive content, and people using poor practices or bad techniques are allowed to continue publishing. The few comments that rightfully call out bad practices and question the path the YouTuber took, are drowned out by those who are there the entertainment, and the situation gets worse the larger the channel. Content nowadays is valued not by how factually correct or scientifically sound it is, but rather by how many clicks it can generate.

While the intention of the content creator may not be to intentionally mislead people, they may doing so by not fully understanding the problem or future problems while developing their solution.

Why vs why not

While I could tell you all day what I did, the decision tree I followed to arrive at my conclusion, more important is to understand why NOT to do things, and to highlight the possible outcomes having not followed best practice.

“You’re just being a jerk”

You might say, “well, I built this van 200,000 miles ago and it has lasted, so you’re just adding unnecessary requirements/costs to the build.”

However, isn’t this how all best practices and building/plumbing/electrical standards and codes come into place? One or many users do something that ends in catastrophe, and a post-mortem analysis of the situation evolves the codes so that future people might not suffer the same fate.

Why not create videos on what not to do

Honestly, response videos are a thing of the past and don’t really need to happen again. “What not to do” videos come across as an angry diatribe, and don’t offer enough supporting detail and sources as to why things are a bad idea.

This is a preferred medium for me, and serves as better reference material for when others want to look something up. Also, websites and blog posts can be edited and adjusted without having to recreate an entire video.

What if i’m wrong too

I’ll likely be wrong once or twice in my life, I hope and expect everyone reading will call me out on it. 🙂

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