Why this site needs to exist

Why create a site based on hating others’ hard work?

YouTube has spawned an era of content creation and consumption that has been unparalleled in society to date. Nearly anybody with a smartphone can now hit record, and publish content for anyone to view, easier than starting a website or blog even. Those wanting to tell their van build stories skew toward video content because they are often complex operations that are easier described in a video than with a series of photos and accompanying words. The deluge of content can be both bad and good, with no way for the viewer to differentiate.

YouTube only moderates socially offensive content, and people using poor practices or bad techniques are allowed to continue publishing. The few comments that rightfully call out bad practices and question the path the YouTuber took, are drowned out by those who are there the entertainment, and the situation gets worse the larger the channel. Content nowadays is valued not by how factually correct or scientifically sound it is, but rather by how many clicks it can generate.

While the intention of the content creator may not be to intentionally mislead people, they may doing so by not fully understanding the problem or future problems while developing their solution.


Step 1: Did you buy the right van?

Everyone has their opinions on why the Sprinter/Promaster/Transit is more appropriate for camper van conversion over the other. Here’s mine.


Not sure why the van community aspires to Sprinters. While Mercedes is known for their luxury cars, the Sprinter (at least NCV3 and earlier) is certainly not a luxury product. It is as about utilitarian as a plastic fork, and while you can excuse some traits of a vehicle as a tradeoff by having good characteristics in other places, I would assume that priority #1 for a van would be reliability and serviceability, and this criteria alone should put it at the bottom of most people’s lists.

What I mean is, while people might buy a Mercedes product as a luxury car knowing full well it may have issues down the road, the dealer can loan you a vehicle while they work on yours. They can’t however, loan you a small apartment, and nobody has a fully built out backup camper van.



Please join me in my journey into building a van into a semi-reasonable camper van. As you can probably guess by the site name, I’m here not only to share my experience, but also highlight what not to do. These are my opinions, which you are free to disagree with, but you best come well researched as I am always up for a good internet debate. 🙂